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Frequently Asked

Who are O2 P & R’s clients/customers?

We have quite a range on the spectrum from professional athletes to seniors. The middle-age professional looking to maximize their health and brain function is our #1 client.  Our next would be those suffering from loss of brain function from concussion to PTSD to anxiety/depression to early onset dementia.  We also work with high level to recreational athletes looking to speed up recovery and engage in altitude training to boost performance. Our newest clients are those looking to enhance their immunity. We guess word has gotten out that LiveO2 can boost immunity in a big way!

Is there any such thing as getting too much Oxygen?

Yes there are circumstances where one can get too much oxygen.  Oxygen toxicity can occur when one breathes too much high concentrated oxygen under pressure for too long without releasing enough CO2.  LiveO2 Adaptive Contrast as well as the breathing practices we engage in does not even come close to leading to oxygen toxicity. Getting the heart rate elevated while doing LiveO2 leads to a healthy release of CO2 which negates oxygen toxicity.  LiveO2 on the high oxygen setting is 85-90% oxygen.

Can someone who is not able to do traditional exercise still be able to use and get the benefits from LiveO2 Adaptive Contrast?

Yes. We work with some seniors who cannot exercise on a bike or treadmill, but are still able to increase their heart rate with breathing techniques and upper body exercises.

Is LiveO2 Adaptive Contrast the same as EWOT?

The answer is yes and no. Exercise with Oxygen Therapy (EWOT) is the technology that LiveO2 Adaptive Contrast is derived from.  EWOT is breathing high oxygen while exercising which Manfred von Arden proved has tremendous benefits for many age related chronic conditions in numerous studies in his book Oxygen MultiStep Therapy. (1987)  LiveO2 AC goes a step further in that it accelerates the EWOT process by creating an oxygen demand on low oxygen (14%) and then supplies the demand on high oxygen (85-90%).  This allows oxygen to dissolve into the blood plasma to get deeper to the cellular level faster with more push power.

How does LiveO2 Adaptive Contrast compare to Hyperbaric Oxygen?

They are very different oxygen delivery systems. Hyperbaric oxygen has been shown to have tremendous benefits for many health conditions.  LiveO2 Adaptive Contrast delivers the same amount of oxygen in 15 minutes that Hyperbaric delivers in 90 minutes at 1.8 atm. (atmospheric pressure) Hyperbaric pressurizes oxygen into the body.  LiveO2 AC creates an oxygen demand and then supplies excess oxygen. The body then takes in the oxygen that is needed to meet the demand.

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