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Hi, we’re O2 P&R! We work with a wide range of individuals that want to maximize their health. This could be anyone from professional athletes to seniors looking to maximize their quality of life.

What It Is

LiveO2 is a healing and restorative exercise.  Saturates the body with oxygen at the cellular level, thus resulting in healing and restorative effects by re-establishing blood flow and decreasing inflammation.   

 Key Attributes:

  • Anti-Aging
  • Accelerated Recovery 
  • Reduce Anxiety
  • Promote Brain Health
  • Reduce Pain
  • Ultimate Anti-Inflammatory

This seemingly unfair advantage speeds up recovery from muscle fatigue and injury.

 In 15 minutes LiveO2 can produce accelerated recovery, enhanced endurance, and improved injury healing.

How It Works

LiveO2 Adaptive Contrast™

Accelerates the natural recovery process by driving oxygen deep into the muscle tissues creating an anti-inflammatory healing environment.

LiveO2 AC™

Uses approx. 90% oxygen combined with intervals of hypoxia (low oxygen).

The Method

This method allows the participant to create more red blood cells to carry oxygen more efficiently through the body while also extending lung capacity.

Oxygen Flow

When the concentrated oxygen flow is turned on the cells are then able to absorb much more oxygen deeper into the muscles and tissues specifically targeting capillary inflammation with bursts of plasma dissolved oxygen.

Ultimate Anti-Inflammatory

This results as an ultimate anti-inflammatory. This anti-inflammatory benefit restores the blood supply to tissue and allows the tissue to return to normal aerobic metabolism.


Just Breathe "The Right Way" Baby!

Our breath is the key to life!  There are certainly varying versions of the “right” or better way to eat, drink, sleep, and exercise, in the same manner there is also a right or better way to breathe. We are here to tell you that there is a better way to breathe. It’s not enough to just give our opinion on what we think is the better or best way to breathe. We need some science, proof or evidence right?  

Let’s start with science. It’s pretty established that we need healthy intracellular oxygen levels in our bodies to feel and be considered healthy.  When these levels start to decrease enough, chronic diseases start to set in as we age. Respiratory illnesses, poor circulation and high blood pressure are some of these common issues. Healthy oxygen levels are also vital to maintaining a strong immune system so we can effectively fight off viruses and recover quickly from infections. 

Oxygen is the fuel that helps the body create energy. It gives our bodies life and voltage. It’s the good superhero that the evil villians of disease don’t like to see coming. So, how can we either maintain or increase our intracellular oxygen levels as we age?  If you can afford a LiveO2 system that would be the ideal way.

Many of us tend to be mouth breathers when we need to be nose breathers. If you wake up with a dry mouth, snore or sleep with your mouth open you are a mouth breather. We are not meant to breath primarily through our mouths. If you notice all other mammals breathe primarily through their noses. Dogs always breathe through their noses unless they are panting to regulate their body temperature. If you notice animals start breathing through their mouths primarily only when they are close to death. 

When we take in a breath through our mouth we are only accessing the upper part of our lungs. When we take in a breath through our nose we access our upper and lower lungs as well as the diaphragm. Our lower lungs are more spacious and contain many more alveoli which are the tiny sacs that fill with oxygen when we take in a breath. Breathing through the nose not only allows for a deeper breath that accesses much more of the lungs and diaphragm, but it also delivers oxygen to many more of the miniature oxygen holding tanks called the alveoli. Now that oxygen has been delivered sufficiently to the alveoli the key now is to get that oxygen transported to the rest of the body. This is where not breathing too much or over breathing comes into play.  Deep mouth breathing or overbreathing releases a lot of CO2. Too much CO2!  We need CO2 present in the blood in order for oxygen to release from the hemoglobin in the red blood cells.  When too much CO2 is released and is not sufficiently present in the blood then that oxygen that’s been transported to where it needs to be is not released and therefore not delivered to the muscle, tissue or organ that needs this oxygen to perform at an optimal level.

This brings us back to breathing through the nose. Controlled breathing through the nose does not release near as much CO2 as mouth breathing.  This leaves enough CO2 in the blood for oxygen to be released from the hemoglobin and delivered. Controlled nose breathing is the key for this.  Remember to breathe light to breathe right.  It’s a bit counter intuitive. We tend to think that taking big deep breaths via the mouth will give us more oxygen. It will give us plenty of oxygen, but it will actually inhibit oxygen delivery.  What good is lots of oxygen if very little can be delivered to where it is needed.  Big deep breaths via the mouth close the door for oxygen delivery. Controlled breathing through the nose opens the door and keeps it opened for efficient oxygen delivery in the body.

When you start getting the proper oxygen delivery you will start to notice changes and improvements in your energy levels, sleep, focus, weight and capacity for more exercise just to name a few.

This is what our MASTER OXYGEN. MASTER HEALTH is all about.  Take charge of your breathing and take charge of your health!

This video is of Dara Torres, 12-time Olympic Medalist and former World Record Holder in 3 events. When LiveO2 was first introduced it wasn’t available to everyone like it is now. It went through some name changes as well, however the process is the same today.

It’s All about Oxygen and Getting it to the Cellular Level!

I know to many it may seem counter intuitive, but the key to getting oxygen to the cellular level is to take the body to a low oxygen environment. You mean to get more of something I need to get less of it?  That doesn’t make sense!  It boils down to a give and take relationship between Oxygen (O2) and Carbon Dioxide (CO2) in each of us. A low oxygen environment (hypoxia) leads to a release of a hormone by the kidney and to a lesser extent the liver (about 10%) called EPO (Erythropoietin) that has a big role in the formation of red blood cells.  The red blood cells actually come from our bone marrow, however EPO needs to be present to stimulate the bone marrow to produce the red blood cells.  

Why are red blood cells important to deliver oxygen to the cellular level?  Red blood cells contain a protein called hemoglobin that have the ability to bind to oxygen. Hence, the more red blood cells present containing this valuable protein increases the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood. So you see, to get these additional red blood cells that can carry more oxygen through the body one has to get to a low oxygen/hypoxic environment. This process is also important because it retains CO2 in the blood along with breathing the correct way. Enough CO2 in the blood is important because without it the red blood cell can’t release oxygen via the hemoglobin. This is the give and take between O2 and CO2. They need each other.

What follows once one is in this red blood cell increasing state is of the utmost importance. Intaking enough oxygen to bind to the hemoglobin in these new “ready to work” red blood cells is key. Just breathing our normal 18-21% atmospheric oxygen will make this process of delivering excess oxygen to the cellular level successful. Athletes have been training at high altitudes for years to activate this process.  What if you could breathe in 85-90% oxygen instead of just 20% following this low oxygen/hypoxic red blood cell producing state?  You can!  It’s called LiveO2!  So few of us including most elite athletes don’t take advantage of or harness the power of oxygen.

Oxygen Training for Immunity Boosting and a Strong Respiratory System

In this new viral conscience environment we find ourselves in, a robust immunity and a strong respiratory system is more important than ever.  Those with a strong immunity and respiratory system can fight off viruses and ailments much easier. One can have it all in life, but if your immune system is weak or compromised you leave yourself vulnerable to illness and in some cases death.  Why not take steps to insure your health by building your immune and respiratory systems to a high level?

Exercise, nutrition, breathing techniques, supplementation, improved sleep, meditation/prayer, pulse/wave technology, oxygen and managing emotions are all healthy ways to strengthen one’s immune and respiratory systems.

LiveO2 combines exercise, breathing techniques and oxygen to create a powerful tool to strengthen immunity and the respiratory system.  When you flood your body with oxygen at the cellular level most report that they experience much better sleep, feel more at ease, and clear headed.  A body with good intracellular oxygenation is a body with the ability to create ATP and voltage.(energy) A body that is creating energy at high levels is a body that not only feels good, but a body that can fight off viruses and infections much easier.

Click here to watch LiveO2 boost your immune system in real-time.

LIVEO2 For Brain Health & Neuro Recovery.

This is our favorite aspect of LiveO2’s benefits.  Our brains are precious as they store our emotions, memories, personality as well as being the most important aspect of our quality of life. I can think of no other endeavor more worthy of our efforts than helping people with preventing neuro decline like various forms of dementia and aiding in recovery for those who are suffering from TBI (traumatic brain injury), concussions, PTSD, anxiety, depression or a stroke. It takes a lot of work and commitment, but is truly life changing for those willing to take their condition into their own hands with some help and guidance from us of course.  Read more and watch videos about LiveO2 and how it can help you or someone you care about either maintain a good quality of life as they age or get a portion of their quality of life back after a brain injury or neuro decline.  When you are told there are few options and you don’t want to take the pharmaceutical route, what do you have to lose!

About the Owner of O2 P&R

LiveO2 Executive Certified Trainer, Oxygen Advantage Certified, PEMF(Pulse Electro Magnetic Field) certified through Pulse Centers

 In early 2015 my father died of frontal lobe dementia. This was a big wake up call for me.  When doctors didn’t seem to have many answers or proactive treatments as my father’s condition advanced I began to look into alternative therapies to help him.  By this time his condition had advanced too far and it was too late for him. He was 73 in good shape and still looked younger than his age. After his death, I was really determined to start being proactive in my mental and overall health.

Most of my life I have had an uneasy feeling about taking pharmaceuticals and usually check to see if there is a natural alternative even though I was not really aware of the natural/holistic world.  Months before my father’s death I came across LiveO2 while researching hyperbaric oxygen therapy.  After researching the best path forward for my preventative endeavor I bought a LiveO2 Adaptive Contrast system sight unseen and convinced LiveO2 was what was best for me and my mental preventative health.  I got LiveO2 for my brain health and after a week of use, I quickly realized how impactful this technology was for the rest of my body. My energy levels and the anti-inflammation that occurred over that week made me feel amazing.  I must have called Robert at LiveO2 every day. I wanted to know everything about this technology and really felt like I had to be part of what LiveO2 was doing. Being a former athlete I realized how impactful LiveO2 could be for performance and recovery of professional and collegiate athletes as well as the restorative potential for aging individuals and their brain health.

LiveO2 introduced me to the functional medicine world. I eventually became a trainer at LiveO2 and started O2 Performance & Recovery to guide people in the performance and restorative power of oxygen through LiveO2 and Oxygen Advantage breathing techniques.

I still work with LiveO2 where I conduct all levels of training.  I live outside Atlanta with my wife Karen and we have a 4-year-old son JD and three dogs Kelly(18), Blu(6), and Jake(2).

David Chamblee (Founder) with his wife (Karen), son (JD), and 3 dogs

LiveO2 Inventor/Founder Mark Squibb

Mark Squibb invented LiveO2 after studying the research conducted by Manfred von Ardenne.  Ardenne developed Oxygen Multi Step Therapy throughout the 1960’s, 70’s and 80’s and released his research to the world in 1987 with a book of the same name (OMST).

In Mark’s development of LiveO2 he was able to accelerate the restorative effects of OMST by creating an oxygen demand by switching back and forth from high to low oxygen thus giving the newly oxygenated blood more speed and horsepower to penetrate deeper into the body and tissues.

Mark has an engineering background and was also a leader in PEMF (Pulse Electro Magnetic Field) technology before inventing LiveO2.

He lives outside Ft.Collins, CO with his wife and three sons.

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