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If you are interested in a standard Live 02 session, your first one is always free with no strings attached!

Live02 Sessions

Schedule regular LiveO2 sessions with the team at O2 P&R.

Brain/Neuro O2 Sessions

Schedule brain/neuro LiveO2 sessions with the team at O2 P&R.

LiveO2 Training

Trainings are discounted if you buy your Live02 system(s) through us.

Master Oxygen/Master Health Program

Our ultimate 4-week program teaching you to harness the power of oxygen.

Free First Session

No matter how committed you are we always offer the first session free. This allows us to learn more about you, while you learn more about how we work.

We are here to answer any of your questions on an introductory phone call as well. If you feel it’s something you want to try, we will get your free session booked!

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LiveO2 Sessions

Packages of 3, 5, 10, and 20.

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Brain/Neuro LiveO2 Sessions

Packages of 3, 5, 10, and 20.

Ask about our intro package:


LiveO2 Training

-Basic-2 hours and covers basic LiveO2 protocols and how to use pulse oximetry with your sessions.
-Advanced-5 hours and covers basic as well as advanced protocols including neuro recovery.
-PAC 5 Training – Basic training over your 5 sessions. (30 min sessions)
-PAC 10 Training – Advanced training over your 10 sessions (1 hour sessions)
-Team/Staff Training – 8 hours on location. Price varies on number of participants
-LiveO2 Certification – We can schedule and conduct your certification training, but always defer to LiveO2 regarding price and format changes.

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Master Oxygen/Master Health Program

This program teaches how to harness the power of oxygen on a daily basis by maximizing your breath for increased energy, better sleep, appetite suppression, sports performance and overall health and wellness. 5 hours over 4 weeks. 2 hours of training and 3 hours over 3 weeks of follow up accountability. More Information

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Notable LiveO2 Users

Mobile Service Additions

Although our regular mobile service clients are in the Atlanta Metro area we conduct individual, group and team trainings all over the United States and Canada.

-The LiveO2 AC system can be set up in an 8 x 8 area.

-Supersaturating or flooding the body with oxygen can be done in a 15 minute session.

-On the first visit one should allow for about 1 hour with setup and breakdown of the system, the 15-minute session, intro/education on how everything works and answering questions you might have.

-Succeeding visits can normally be completed in 40-45 minutes. One exception would be for those participating in Neuro Recovery Brain Protocols

-Those sessions require about 30-35 minutes to complete, so allow for about an hour.

-A minimum 15-minute phone call is required before the first visit to answer questions about oxygen therapy.

-There is a $50 travel/setup fee for the first mobile service visit which is applied/credited to any packages purchased.

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